Open Faced Roasted Vegetable Sammy with Smoked Gouda

by Robin on May 11, 2009

in Fruits and Veggies, quick meals, recipes

Remember those roasted veggies from the post below?

Here is one example of their multitude of uses!

Crusty, grainy, wheaty-whatever kind of bread. Add roasted veggies in one layer. Top with smoked gouda-happens to be what I had left over from the weekend. Feel free to use whatever you’d like. Toast and then broil until bubbly. Don’t be afraid of the broil button on your oven/toaster oven! Just be sure to watch it carefully to avoid over-browning. (Read=burning)

Excellent, easy and tasty! I’m off to enjoy my snack!

Pictures to the left do not do this recipe justice-believe me.

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